The following claims have been tested against the ADISA Claims Test Method (ACT) and validated in accordance with the Approval Report issued to each claimant.



Claim DocumentVendorProduct DetailsTest MediaResult & ReportValid UntilTest LevelCertificate
ADPC00073Jetico Inc. OyBCWipe Total WipeOut v. 4.1.0SanDisk SSD SDSSDHII-250G
Kingston SSD NOW 300 SV300S37A/240G
PASS6th January 20231Download
ADPC00076Stellar Data Recovery IncBitRaser Drive Eraser 3.0SanDisk 250GB SSD / SDSSH11 Sata 2.5PASS12th December 20221Download
ADPC00069ABrainzsquare Co. LtdSecudrive Drive Eraser 6.0Samsung SSD MZ-7PC128DPASS15th January 20231Download
ADPC00077WhiteCanyon WipeDrive Enterprise 9.3.1Sun Oracle 400Gb SSD PCIe CardPASS28th June 20231 and 2Download
ADPC00080Aiken Informática, S.L.Aiken Workbench 2.1Samsung 860 QVO 1TB (MZ-76Q1T0) SATA SSDPASS14th February 20231Download
ADPC00081iMT Co., Ltd.iMT-Cleaner 2.x.xSanDisk SDSSA-240GPASS17th February 20231 and 2Download
ADPC00086IT Renew IncTeraware v3.3Micron - 9200 MAX - MTFDHAL1T6TCU-1AR1ZABYY Samsung - 983 DCT - MZ-QLB960NE
Seagate - Nytro 5000 - XP800HE10012
Intel - SSD D3-S4510 SERIES - SSDSC2KG960G801
PASS7th May 20231 and 2Download
ADPC00089Securaze GmbHSecuraze Work Ops V2
(Tested as) Securaze(R) Suite Workplace v2
SanDisk SDSSDHII-250GPASS18th June 20231 and 2Download
ADPC00094Redkey USB LtdRedkey USB Ultimate version 3.47Intel SSDSA2M160G2GC 2.5PASS28th October 20231Download
ADPC00099ZipEraseZipErase 1.2Intel SSD D3-S4510
Western Digital Blue SN500 WDS250G2X0C NvME
PASS8th March 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0100Future Dial IncData Storage Eraser 3Kingston SSD SKC400S37256GPASS24th February 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0102Extreme Protocol SolutionsXErase Enterprise Data Erasure V14San Disk X400 SD8SB8U SSD
Kingston NVMe SA2000M8
Intel SSD 750 Series SSDPE2MW400G
PASS30th June 20241Download
ADPC0103IT Renew Inc.Teraware v3.3Intel SSD DC S3500 800GB SATA-SSD
Intel SSD 320 600GB SATA-SSD
Intel SSD DC S3520 240GB SATA-SSD
Samsung 850 PRO 256GB SATA-SSD
PASS27th April 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0104IT Renew Inc.Teraware v3.3Micron 5200 Pro MTFDDAK1T9TDD 1.92TB SATA-SSD
PASS31st March 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0106IT Renew Inc.Teraware v3.3Intel SSD DC S3510 SSDSC2BB120G6 120GB
Intel SSD DC S4600 SSDSC2KG019T7 1.9TB
Intel SSD DC P4610 SSDPE2KE016T8 1.6TB
Intel SSD D3-S4610 SSDSC2KG960G8 960GB
Micron 5100 MAX MTFDDAK960TCC 960GB
PASS23rd August 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0113Horizon Technology LLCProsoft Media Tools Wipe 1.2.1Samsung MZ-7GE4800 480Gb SSDPASS17th August 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0111Extreme Protocol SolutionsXErase Enterprise Data Erasure V14San Disk X400 SSD SATA 2.5 128GB Model: SD8SBBU-128G-1122
Kingston NVMe 500GB Model: SA2000M8
Intel SSD 750 Series NVMe 400GB Model: SSDPE2MW400G
PASS24th August 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0119U-Reach Data Solutions IncNV-BM600 (M.2 and SATA duplicator and sanitizer running firmware Controller PE5232 firmware version 2.5X.XX DIGIFAST ACE M.2 NVMe 3.0x4 SSD DGFA256M2L01PASS15th September 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0119U-Reach Data Solutions IncMTS400-SAS (SAS and SATA duplicator and sanitizer) running firmware Controller HD3970SAS firmware version 2.5X.XX KINGSTON SSD A400 120GB SA400S37/120GPASS15th September 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0122Blackbelt Smartphone DefenceBlackbelt 360SK Hynix SSD BC511NVMe Model number HFM512GDGTNIPASS18th October 20241Download
ADPC0124Blackbelt Smartphone DefenceBlackbelt 360APPLE SSD SCSI Model Number AP0256PASS18th October 20241Download
ADPC0127Reconext Proteus.64.GEN.A4.16Intel SSD 320 Service 120Gb 2.5” Model SSDSA2CW120G3PASS18th October 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0131AllWipe Oy LtdYou Wipe Version 4.1.208Western Digital NVME SSD WDS250G1B0C-00S6UDPASS20th December 20241 and 2Download
ADPC0133Iron Mountain (IT Renew Inc)Teraware v4.0Micron 7300 PRO 7.68TB U.2 SFF NVMe-SSD (model MTFDHBE7T6TDF)PASS8th February 20251 and 2Download
ADPC0132Blancco Technology Group IP OyBlancco Drive Eraser v7.2.0SanDisk 128Gb SSD Model: SDSSDA-120G-G27 (SATA)
Kingston RBUSNS8154P3256GJ1, 256GB (NVMe)
PASS11th February 20251 and 2Download
ADPC0137Iron Mountain (IT Renew Inc)Teraware v4.0Intel SSD DC S3510 240GB SFF SATA-SSD Model SSDSC2BB240G6
Intel SSD DC S3610 1.6TB SFF SATA-SSD Model SSDSC2BX016T4
Intel SSD DC S4500 240GB SFF SATA-SSD Model SSDSC2KB240G7
Intel SSD D3 S4510 240GB SFF SATA-SSD Model SSDSC2KB240G8
Intel SSD D3 S4510 240GB M.2 2280 SATA-SSD Model SSDSCKKB240G8
PASS28th March 20251 and 2Download
ADPC0139Iron Mountain (IT Renew Inc)Teraware v4.0Intel SSD DC S4500 960GB SATAPASS29th March 20251 and 2Download
ADPC0145Redkey USBV4Ortial OC-150-128 128Gb SATA SSDPASS27th June 20251 and 2Download
ADPC0153Iron Mountain (IT Renew Inc)Teraware v4.0Samsung 1.92Tb NVMe MZ-1LBIT90
Samsung 1.92Tb NVMe PM1733
Samsung 960Gb NVMe MZ-QLB960N
Micron 960Gb SSD MTFDDAK960TDT
Intel 2Tb NVMe SSDPELKX020T8
PASS5th September 20251 and 2Download
ADPC0155Softthinks S.ASDS Shredder Version – SSD 320 SSDSA2BW120G3H 2.5” SATA SSD 120GBPASS14th September 20251 and 2Download
ADPC0158toolhouse DV-Systeme GmbHtoolstar®testLX with shredderLX-module 5.83Crucial BX500 2.5” SSD 480GB CT480BX500SSD1PASS17th October 20251 and 2 Download
ADPC0146Certus Software GmbHCESD v3.32.1ORTIAL OC-150-128 SATA 2.5” SSD 128GBPASS18th July 20251 and 2Download