The following claims have been tested against the ADISA Claims Test Method (ACT) and validated in accordance with the Approval Report issued to each claimant.

To find out more about the ADISA Mobile Phone Testing Methodology contact ADISA on +44 (0) 845 557 7726 or email

Claim Document Vendor Product Details Test Product Result & Report Valid Until Test Level Certificate
ADPC00027 mce Systems MCE.9_32_Release.9.32.304 Apple iPad Air
Apple iPhone 5S
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Tablet
PASS Re-validated until 7th September 2019 1 Download
ADPC0038 Blackbelt Smartphone Defence Limited Datawipe 3.8.37 Apple iPhone 8
Samsung S8
PASS Re-validated until 19th December 2019 1 Download
ADPC0037 FutureDial Incorporated Lean One-Touch 4.11.0 Apple iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2
Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 7.0
PASS Re-validated until 25th February 2020 1 Download
ADPC0043 Blackbelt Smartphone Defence Limited Datawipe 3.8.40 Apple iPhone 8 Plus PASS Re-validated until 26th March 2020 1 Download

ADPC0041 IMEI Limited Mobiwipe Version 1.0 iPhone 6 Plus
Samsung S7 Edge
PASS 14th May 2019 1 Download

Piceasoft Limited PiceaEraser 4 v4.0 Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 5
PASS 15th May 2019 1 Download
ADPC0044 Asset Science Asset Science Data Erasure Samsung Galaxy S8
Apple iPhone 5
PASS 23rd May 2019 1 Download
ADPC0048 Neva Systems Limited NS Software version 0.9.X.X Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPad 12.9Inch (A4)
Nexus 5
PASS 27th June, 2019 1 Download
ADPC0050 Teleplan Technology B.V NEST Data Wipe Ver 2.0.1 Apple iPhone 5C
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge
PASS 13th July 2019 1 Download
ADPC0051 Blancco Technology Group IP Oy Blancco Mobile Device Eraser V3.6.0 Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPad 2
Samsung Galaxy S8
PASS 17th July 2019 1 Download
ADPC0058 Greystone Data Technology All In One Version A 15.74 Apple iPhone 6
Samsung Galaxy S7
PASS 1st March 2020 1 Download

Claim Document Vendor Product Details Result & Report Risk Level Certificate
ADPC0020 Piceasoft Limited PiceaEraser 3 Pass 01 Download