The following claims have been tested against the ADISA Product Claims Test Method (PCT) and validated in accordance with the Approval Report issued to each claimant.

To find out more about the ADISA Mobile Phone Testing Methodology contact ADISA on +44 (0) 845 557 7726 or email

Claim DocumentVendorProduct DetailsTest ProductResult & ReportValid UntilTest LevelCertificate
ADPC0038Blackbelt Smartphone Defence LimitedDatawipe 3.8.37Apple iPhone 8
Samsung S8
PASS19th December 20201Download
ADPC0037FutureDial IncorporatedLean One-Touch 4.11.0Apple iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2
Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 7.0
PASS25th February 20211Download
ADPC0043Blackbelt Smartphone Defence LimitedDatawipe 3.8.40
Apple iPhone 8 PlusPASS26th March 20211Download

ADPC0041IMEI LimitedMobiwipe Version 1.0iPhone 6 Plus
Samsung S7 Edge
PASS14th May 20211

Piceasoft LimitedPiceaEraser 4 v4.0Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 5
PASS15th May 20211Download
ADPC0044Asset ScienceAsset Science Data ErasureSamsung Galaxy S8
Apple iPhone 5
PASS23rd May 20211Download
ADPC0048Neva Systems LimitedNS Software version 0.9.X.XApple iPhone 6
Apple iPad 12.9Inch (A4)
Nexus 5
PASS27th June 20211Download
ADPC0050Teleplan Technology B.VNEST Data Wipe Ver 2.0.1Apple iPhone 5C
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge
PASS13th July 20211Download
ADPC0051Blancco Technology Group IP OyBlancco Mobile Device Eraser V3.6.0Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPad 2
Samsung Galaxy S8
PASS17th July 20211Download
ADPC0058Greystone Data TechnologyAll In One Version A 15.74Apple iPhone 6
Samsung Galaxy S7
PASS1st March 20211Download
ADPC0057Phone Check Solutions PhoneCheck Pro Version 1Apple iPhone 6
Samsung Galaxy S7
PASS10th May 20221Download
ADPC0062CellDe (Formally Veridic Technologies PVT Limited)Warehouse X-Bulk Inspect Version 3.0Apple iPhone 8 iOS 12.3
Samsung S9 Android 8.0.0
PASS17th July 20221Download
ADPC0063CTDIBLITZ Version 1.0Apple iPhone 8
Samsung S9

6th June 20221Download

ADPC0067mce sys LimitedWipe Engine 12.4.73Apple iPad 2 iOS 9.3.5
Apple iPhone 8 iOS 12.3
Samsung S9 Android 8.0.0
HTC Sensation Z710e 4.0.3
Sony Xperia C1505 4.1.1
PASS7th September 20221Download
ADPC0074Blackbelt Smartphone Defence LimitedBlackbelt 360 V4.6.14Apple iPhone 11
Samsung Galaxy S10+
PASS25th November 20221Download
ADPC0076Stellar Data Recovery IncBitRaser Mobile Eraser and Diagnostics 3.0Apple iPhone 8PASS12th December 20221Download
ADPC0068Celltech Mobile Services CMS-wipe v1.0Apple iPhone 8
Samsung S9
PASS18th December 20221Download
ADPC0075Deep MobileDeepMobile Eraser™ 1.0Apple iPhone 8
Samsung Galaxy 9 (Unencrypted)
Samsung Galaxy 9 (Encrypted)
Sony Xperia (Unencrypted)
Sony Xperia (Encrypted)
PASS18th December 20221Download
ADPC0078iMT Co. LtdiMT Cleaner 2.0Apple iPhone 8
Samsung Galaxy 9
PASS15th January 20231Download
ADPC0082Pervacio IncWareHouse 4.0 – Data Wipe / Version: WHProducts: 202003A1Apple iPhone 8
Samsung Galaxy S9
Huawei Y6
Test Incomplete. Please refer to ADISA for more information.Test Incomplete. Please refer to ADISA for more information.Test Incomplete. Please refer to ADISA for more information.Test Incomplete. Please refer to ADISA for more information.
ADPC0083Cordon ElectronicsDigitRAZ(R) 1.0Apple iPhone 8
Samsung Galaxy S9
PASS20th April 20231Download
ADPC0084Shenzhen Anxin Technology Co. Limited.MDWv3.0Apple iPhone 8
Samsung Galaxy S9
PASS - Chinese
28th April 20231Download
Download - Chinese
ADPC0088Vexwire LLC.Vexwipe 20.3.6Apple iPhone 8
Samsung Galaxy S9
PASS22nd June 20231Download