ADISA Assurance Model

There are many objectives’ vendors have when seeking certifications, one of which is to use certifications as evidence of quality of the product or service being offered. This allows users of these products or services to build confidence and trust in them.

ADISA’s Product Certification schemes operates in a hierarchy designed to evaluate the products and vendors in an increasingly more detailed way, with the objective of building a hierarchy of assurance in the products and vendors who are certified.

To allow this to be easier to digest, ADISA uses our Assurance Model which is outlined below.


Our Product Certification Schemes are:

Product Claims Test  Original scheme designed to verify the outcomes of data sanitisation products.
Product Assurance   Revised existing scheme to verify compliance with Standards.
Certified Software Sanitisation Vendor   Entirely new scheme to audit the software developer behind the product as well as verify software performance.

Further information on these schemes can be found in our brochure here or you can email