The following claims have been tested against the ADISA Claims Test Method (ACT) and validated in accordance with the Approval Report issued to each claimant.

To find out more about the ADISA Magnetic Hard Drive Testing Methodology contact ADISA on +44 (0) 845 557 7726 or email


Claim DocumentVendorProduct DetailsTest ProductResult & ReportValid UntilTest LevelCertificate
ADPC0021Aiken Informática, S.LWorkbench 2.0HDD Seagate Barracuda 250GB PASSRe-validated for further 12 months to 9th January 20201Download
ADPC0028 - Phase 2ITRenew IncTeraware 3.0HGST Ultrastar He10 – Model HUH721010AL4200
Seagate Archive HDD – Model ST8000AS0002
PASSRe-validated for further 12 months to 25th April 20201 and 2Download
ADPC00036Extreme Protocol SolutionsXErase – Enterprise Data Erasure V12Western Digital Blue 500Gb SATA
Dell Enterprise 1Tb SAS
PASSRe-validated for further 12 months to
20th February 2020
1 and 2Download
ADPC00037FutureDial IncorporatedData Storage Eraser 3Westgate WD5000LPLX-66ZNTT1
PASSRe-validated for further 12 months until 25th February 20201Download
ADPC00045Softthinks S.ASDS v17.0Western Digital 500GB / WD5000BEVTPASSRe-validated for further 12 months until 13th August 20201Download
ADPC00046Horizon Technology LLCProsoft Engineering Inc, Media Tools Wipe 1.2.1Seagate Barracuda MHD - 500GB - ST500LM030PASSRe-validated for further 12 months to 14th June 20201 and 2Download
ADPC00054Teleplan TechnologyProteus.2.16D-14Toshiba HDD Model: DT01ACA050PASS28th November 20191 and 2Download
ADPC00070Softthinks S.ASDS v17.0Western Digital 500GB HDD WD5000BPKXPASS2nd September 20201 and 2Download
ADPC00071toolhouse DV-Systeme GmbH & Co.KGtoolstar®testLX Version 5.11 with shredderLX-module,Western Digital HDD WD2500AAKX SATAPASS30th October 20201 and 2Download
ADPC00071Jetico Inc. OyBCWipe Total WipeOut v. 4.1.0Hitachi HDD HDS728080PLA380
Western Digital HDD WD10EARX
PASS6th January 20201TO FOLLOW


Claim DocumentVendorProduct DetailsTest MediaResultWas Valid UntilTest Level
ADPC0009NCS Global Inc.EcoErase v4.15 SCSI and 5 IDE/SATAPASS31st December 20171
ADPC0018SoftThinks S.ASDS v15.0Western Digital Blue 500GbPASS31st December 20171
ADPC0024JeticoBCWipe Total WipeOut v 3.03Toshiba 3,5 MHD,
Seagate 3,5 MHD,
Western Digital 2,5 MHD
PASS9th August 20191