The ARC can provide independent thought leadership and scientific research to help with product development, industry innovation and regulatory compliance.

Work done by the ARC can provide insights that have immediate commercial impact and offer real world solutions in the field of data security.

The ARC also conducts wider research into the ever-changing field of data security. We commit ourselves to staying ahead of the curve in order to be prepared for new threats as they emerge and ensure that we understand how to handle data carrying assets with the most up to date techniques and information.

Examples of current projects

  • The ARC is currently working on a research project to review the requirements of software overwriting tools and techniques. The outcome of this project will be to define best practice that is underpinned by scientific rigor. As part of this project the ARC has undertaken a series of scientific experiments on a variety of media and is now reviewing how end of life management is critical during IOT product development in order to promote re-use.
  • The ARC is currently working as part of the Home Office VIVACE consortium on projects relating to Computer Forensics and Data Recovery. These type of projects involve horizon scanning, and feasibility studies,  to identify current the future needs for law enforcement and other government agencies.

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