Our Computer Forensics and Data Recovery team works on the extraction and analysis of digital evidence from a wide variety of sources.

Sources can include Computer Hard drives, USB Devices, Automobile Systems to name but a few. The work performed by the ARC complies with UK law and is admissible as evidence as an expert witness report. Dr Andrew Blyth has functioned as an expert witness on number hacking and fraud cases for various national and international law enforcement agencies.

Typical Computer Forensics and Data Recovery Projects

  • Data Recovery of EMMC integrated circuits used in navigation systems and then forensic analysis of the recovery data to prove routes taken on a particle day;
  • Forensic imaging and analysis of various types of Hard Drives to prove the presence of data of a particular time and its creation at a particular time;
  • Forensic imaging and data recovery of audit logs via data carving to aid in breach investigation;
  • Data recovery from embed media and games consoles to aid in hacking investigations;
  • Forensic imaging and data reconstruction of CCTV systems to aid in criminal investigations.

Customers that the ADISA Research Centre has worked with include: KROLL and Blackberry.