The ARC has state of the art capability in the area of computer forensics and can perform data recovery and analysis across a wide variety of media and products including magnetic hard drives, solid state drives and IOT.

Typical Computer Forensics Projects

  • Hardware analysis of smart systems such as smart TVs to understand preparation for re-use and GDPR compliance.
  • Computer forensics and data recovery on solid state drives to help understand verification and validation of data overwriting at end of life for data controllers.
  • Data recovery for breach investigation.


The ARC is developing state of the art techniques for data recovery across platforms such as IOT, flash and other media types.

Typical Data Recovery Projects

  • Working with car manufacturers to understand how to address data uploaded to inbuilt infotainment units and standalone satellite navigation systems.
  • Working with providers of CCTV and other monitoring systems to assess technical vulnerabilities.
  • Chip analysis for data recovery in embedded media within IOT. Such as within games consoles and smart TVs.