The ADISA Research Centre (ARC) is the UK’s leading independent forensic research laboratory. It is run by Dr Andrew Blyth, a world leader in the field of computer forensics and data security.

The ARC conducts scientific research and testing into various areas of data security ensuring that we remain at the forefront of this continuously evolving field. Research carried out at the ARC varies from the very specific; seeking out a solution to a very precise problem, to the far wider blue-sky research that provides innovative advances and confirms our reputation as thought leaders in the field.

The ARC specialises in Data Sanitisation for ITAD processors, data controllers and OEMs and is currently the only laboratory world-wide which provides product assurance for Data Sanitisation software across all media types.

Dr Andrew Blyth is Director of the ADISA Research Centre and has over 20 years experience in the area of computer forensics.

Formally the Director of the Information Security Research Group at the University of South Wales, Andrew has functioned as a expert witness in the area of computer forensic and data recovery for a wide variety of law enforcement agencies such as the Home Office, SOCA and the Met Police.

Dr Blyth has also published a number of journal papers on the areas of computer forensic and data recovery and is one of the leading global authorities on data sanitisation and forensic techniques on solid state media.

Dr Blyth is on the ISO advisory board for standards relating to Computer Forensics as well as a member of the National IA forum and continues to work with UK government including the Defence Science Technology Laboratory.